What is tax planning?

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[box] Tax planning is the orderly process of planning if and how money will be taxed.[/box]

Few accountants actually take the time to give any taxation advise to their clients in the first place. Few clients have any idea going into their year end whether or not they will actually be responsible for any tax in the first place. Tax planning is first determining if there is going to be a taxable event, and second looking at any alternatives available that might legally reduce or eliminate the tax burden in question.

If you are asking this question in the first place, then its probably time for a better accountant. Call our offices today. The Standard Accounting Packages section of this website may have what you need. We will complete a second opinion and tax plan on two years of incomes taxes. As highly recommended CPA’s and Enrolled Agents practicing in Rockford, we have the experience to help you and your company. Call or e-mail one of our specialists today.

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